"Supposed to be our perfect day..."
Maria. 17. New York. OP. <3 "Even on the worst days there's a possibility for joy." <3 Richard Castle and Kate Beckett <3 Mr C. and Mrs C. to be <3 Richard Edgar Alexander Rodgers Castle, Yes, I will marry you <3 Thank all of you for being such amazing followers. I love you, "Always." And ask me questions!! I love talking to you guys! <3
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Whatever Happens

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I was nominated to do the ALS #Icebucketchallenge by @tara_nicole149 (thanks girl 😒) and I want to nominate @liv_lehmann, @cathrynd61 and @windsbear you have 24 hours or donate $100! Good luck! 😊😘


30 Days of Castle Season 5 - Day 17 Most Heartbreaking Scene

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favorite castle episodes (no order) ● kill shot
You think it’s a weakness? Make it a strength. It’s a part of you. So use it.

Angsty, beautiful perfection.

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Me when I see a cute boy

Me when I see a cute boy

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i love how she cant look at anyone as she says it

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One of my favourite lines in the show.

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otp meme: 4 quotes
► “We want the happy ending, we can’t give up” (2)

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"I don’t know what we are."